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It’s March and that means the start of spring! I don’t know about you, but all I can think about lately is building my spring wardrobe. There are so many fun trends this season. We are definitely in a heavy fashion cycle and I love all the different colors, fabrics, and fun silhouettes out there. With all this new and exciting fashion, though, it’s easy to get carried away. As much as I love wearing the trends, I also recognize that “trend” inherently means it’s not going to last forever so I don’t want to spend a fortune on these items. That’s why I’ve rounded up 10 trendy pieces that I’m loving right now, and they’re each under $50!

1. The Bamboo Bag

Ok so I’ve been seeing this bag EVERYWHERE on social media and I get it, it’s adorable. Cult Gaia was the first to come out with this purse and coined it as the “ark bag.” It soon gained a massive cult following on Instagram which instantly led to other retailers creating their own version of the woven basket bag. If you want to buy the original direct from the source, you can shop it hereΒ for $128-$168, depending on the size you want. Or, if you’re feeling like saving a few bucks, you can shop the dupe below for only $43.99.

Bamboo Bag.jpeg

2. The Patchwork Print

Pattern mixing is huge right now. We all know prints can be really subjective so when you’re mixing more than one it’s even harder to get it right. That’s why I’m obsessed with this dress! It manages to mix three different prints and make it look classic, easy, and fun. At $44 this dress is the perfect way to bring pattern-mixing into your wardrobe.

Patchwork Print

3. The Tie Top

Do you ever fantasize about being on a tropical island: margarita in hand, big hat blocking the sun, and toes buried in the sand? Well, I do and if I ever do book that dream vacation, this top would be the first item to go in my suitcase. Talk about versatile – wear it over a bathing suit, over a tank dress, or with shorts. Not crazy about the black and white stripes? This $31 top comes in 16 different prints!

Tie Top

4. The Classic Cutoffs

So out of everything on this list, I do think these high-waist retro cutoff shorts will last us a few more seasons. It seems like everyone is still really feeling the 90’s-throwback-vibesΒ  and these shorts fit in perfectly to that. There’s just something to be said for the easy, classic denim shorts. And when it comes to denim, who’s more classic than Levi’s? These shorts are $49 and come in light indigo and black.


5. The Ruffle Romper

When the weather in NYC gets warm, it gets WARM. I’m talking high temps and even higher humidity. On those uncomfortably hot days, it’s hard to think straight let alone try to put an outfit together. Enter: the all-in-one romper. Rompers instantly help you look put together with minimal effort, and can be a little more versatile and comfortable than dresses. I love this one for $49.95 because it’s just simple enough for a casual day, and just special enough for a night out.

Ruffle Romper.jpg

6. The Statement Sneakers

As someone who walks everywhere, I couldn’t be happier about all the fun sneakers out there. Sure it’s fun to dress up and wear heels once in awhile, but let’s be real – there’s something to be said for showing off your style while still being comfortable. Because I walk so much, I hate investing a lot into my shoes because I know how quickly they’ll get worn down. That’s why the price is right on these sneakers at only $35. The rose gold metallic detail is spot on.

Statement Sneakers

7. The Girly Gingham

Need an outfit for your brunch plans? Look no further. Between the gingham, ruffles, and bow, this $45 skirt is perfectly perfect for a sunny spring day. Pair it with a plain tank and shades and you’re ready to go.


Girly Gingham

8. The Bow Back

Alright so I’m a little biased here because I am someone who loves bows. Tops, dresses, belts – chances are if there’s a bow on it, I’m going to love it. But I really don’t think I’m alone here. I’ve seen a lot of tops and dresses that have bows on the back. It’s such a pretty way to add a little fun detail to clothes. This top is $39.90 and has all the right elements for the season.


Bow Back.jpg

9. The Core Cutout

Showing off the core has been big for awhile now. Crop tops had a good run, and now it’s all about the cutouts. From dresses to rompers and now swimwear, this triangle cutout is everywhere. Last summer one-pieces were everything. This summer they’re still big, but some people are definitely reverting back to bikinis. Can’t decide which way you want to go? Luckily for you, this swimsuit is the best of both worlds. It’s normally $44.95, but is on sale right now for $30!

Core Cutout

10. The Floor-Length Floral

Florals in spring? It just makes sense. There are some beautiful full-length floral dresses out there and I’ll be honest it was a bit challenging finding one for under $50. That’s why I was excited to find this whimsical floral summer dress for $48. The beauty of maxi dresses? You can throw your hair in a ponytail, forget the makeup, and still look dressed up. Done and done.

Floor Florals






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