15 Under $15: Favorite Beauty Products

I’m someone who loves testing beauty products. I have tried multiple subscription services and am constantly popping into Sephora to see what’s new. Skincare, haircare, makeup – I love it all. That being said, constantly trying new products can get very expensive very quickly. That’s why I decided to share some of the products that have stood out as keepers. In order to narrow it down to 15, I stuck to the core products that I truly use day in and day out.


So I have super sensitive skin. Products tend to either make my skin too oily or too dry.Β  That’s why this cleanser has been amazing for me. It’s gentle on your skin so it won’t make you break out, but it’s also really creamy so it won’t dry out your skin either. It’s the perfect cleanser for your every-day routine.Β Burts BeesAbout 3-5 times a week I l make sure to use a facial scrub for a deeper clean. This scrub from Acure is wonderful. It leaves your face feeling smooth and refreshed, and it’s 100% vegan which is always a plus in my book.
Face Scrub
So this next product you won’t be able to find online, but if you live near a Trader Joe’s you NEED to try their tea tree oil facial pads. I use these to take my makeup off every night and they work SO well. I also swear my skin stays much clearer when I use them consistently. Just make sure not to use them on your eyes, it will burn! For the rest of your face, though, these work great.TJsAfter all that cleansing, I always make sure to moisturize. What I look for in a face lotion is something that will make my skin feel soft and smooth, but not oily. This lotion definitely does the trick. Its gentle, soothing ingredients like coconut milk and hibiscus are great for sensitive skin.Face Lotion

Dermatologists always say the best thing you can do for your skin is wear sunscreen, but when I use normal sunscreen on my face it makes me break out like crazy. That’s why I love this sunscreen from Hawaiian Tropic that is specifically made for the face. It’s a much lighter formula so it protects your skin without the greasy, oily feel of typical sunscreens.
Face Sunscreen

Even with all the effort I put into my skincare routine, I’m bound to get breakouts from time to time. When I feel the dreaded pimple trying to break through, I put this treatment cream on it before I go to sleep and I swear the pimple is gone the next morning. This is hands-down the best product I’ve ever used to treat breakouts.Cream

Now I’m a girl who loves wearing lipstick, but let’s face it, sometimes you wish you could put lipstick on without being afraid that it’s going to smudge off or get all over your coffee mug. Enter: this lip balm stain from Revlon. It adds just a slight pop of color to your lips without being too pigmented, so it’s a great for an every-day look. It goes on like a lip-balm so it won’t dry out your lips, and since it’s a stain, you won’t have to worry about re-applying for the whole day.Revlon Lipstick

At least once a week I use a lip scrub and it really does make a world of difference. This one from Indi Beauty is great – it smells amazing and your lips will be baby soft after you use it.
Lip Scrub


I’ve always had very fair skin, I could sit in the sun for hours and never get tan. That’s why I need to use tanning lotion if I want a little color. This one from Nivea smells amazing and is really subtle so it’s great for people with fair skin. I’ll use it twice a day for three days in a row, and that will last me for one week after.Nivea

Looking for a deodorant that’s aluminum-free but actually works? This is it! Native deodorant is my favorite aluminum-free bar that I’ve tried. It comes in lots of different scents, but my favorite is the coconut and vanilla. It smells AMAZING.Native Deodorant

I always have this hand lotion in my purse. It makes your hands incredibly soft without feeling greasy. Plus the smell is to die for. Done and done.
Hand Cream

Ok so I usually hate painting my nails because once you paint them, you have to wait like a half hour before doing anything or you’ll smudge them. I am WAY too impatient for that! That’s why I am obsessed with Trust Fund nail polish. The colors are beautiful and it dries so quickly. The lilac shade below is my favorite right now.

Nail Polish


I could probably do a whole post on lush shampoo bars because I love them so much. I tried one a few years ago and I haven’t used liquid shampoo since. They’re basically a bar of soap for your hair, but they’re super sudsy and are so fun to use. My favorite scent is called “Honey I Washed My Hair.”Lush Shampoo Bar

I was spending so much money on different hair products – one for heat protection, another for anti-frizz, a deep conditioner, etc. it was getting out of hand! Finally I tried this 12-in-one hair product and it instantly replaced all the others. Talk about simplifying your haircare routine!

HairWhen I first heard you weren’t supposed to wash your hair every day, I thought it would be impossible for me. My hair always got super greasy if I didn’t wash it. That is, before I discovered dry shampoo. Dry shampoo is literally such a game changer that now I only wash my hair three times a week! Not only is my hair healthier now, but I also don’t need to dry and style it every day. It’s a huge time saver!

Dry Shampoo

Leave a comment below letting me know if you share my love for any of these products!

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