April Showers

Raincoat Pic


It seems like every time I check the weather lately, I see more and more rain in the forecast! That’s why I knew I had to invest in a new raincoat. After searching through all my favorite stores, I finally found the perfect jacket at Topshop. With so many adorable colors to choose from, I had a hard time deciding which one to pick! Ultimately I decided the light gray one was the most versatile but I really don’t think you could go wrong with any color. This coat is lightweight enough for the warm, humid, rainy days that we get in NYC, but the hood and the lining will keep you dry and comfortable. Side note, did you know that Topshop always gives 10% off with a student ID? Sadly it doesn’t help me since I’m out of school, but for you students out there, definitely make sure you’re taking advantage of this!

Full outfit details below:

Full Outfit Detail

Jacket | Necklace| Bag | Shoes |Jeans |

Other Colors:

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