10 Things I Always Have in My Carry-On

Tonight I’m headed off on a weekend trip to Orlando, FL to visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Epcot! I’ve never been to either and I could not be more excited! As I was packing, I was thinking about how much travel can really take a toll on you and how stressful it can be to know the rights things to pack. That’s why I wanted to share some of my favorite products that help me get through the journey! With these 10 items in your carry-on, you’re guaranteed to have a more comfortable travel experience, and to walk off the plane feeling clean and refreshed.

1. Chapstick

Ok so this one is kind of a no-brainer since I always have chapstick on me, but it is ESPECIALLY necessary on planes. My skin gets so dry and I can’t imagine being without chapstick on a flight. My go-to chapstick that I always have on me is theΒ Burt’s Bees Pomegranate, but if I know I’m going somewhere warm and I’ll be outside a lot, I love this Sugar Lip Treatment from Fresh because it has SPF 15 but is still super moisturizing. It also has a hint of color (my favorite shade is “petal”) so you instantly look put-together while feeling like you’re just wearing chapstick!

2. Lotion

This is another no-brainer based on dry airplanes but again so necessary! I don’t really have a go-to hand lotion since I usually buy travel sizes and like to switch it up and try different brands and scents. Some of my favorite have been this hand creamΒ from L’occitane that has a beautiful rose scent or this shea butter hand cream from Burt’s Bees. The one I’m using right now is the Hand and Nail CreamΒ from Caudalie and I absolutely love it! The scent is really refreshing but not overwhelming and it leaves my hands feeling moisturized without feeling greasy.

3. Facial Wipes

Maybe it’s just me, but on planes I always feel like there’s so many germs around me and I’m always paranoid about my skin getting greasy and breaking out. That’s why it’s super important for me to have some type of makeup wipe or face wipe, especially if I’m travelling at night or overnight. If I need to remove my makeup, I love these Clean & Clear facial wipes. They’re oil-free so they do a great job of removing makeup without irritating sensitive skin. I also love these tea-tree oil cleansing wipes from Trader Joe’s. I have to say I did not expect TJ’s to have such good skincare products, but these are amazing! They make my skin feel soo clean and refreshed – just don’t use them on your eyes! They will burn!

4. Dry shampoo

I try not to wash my hair everyday, and sometimes when you’re traveling you don’t have the option, so dry shampoo is a must. But you can’t bring aerosol cans on planes! The solution? Powder or paste dry shampoos! Having a little portable dry shampoo is honestly such a game changer. I got a sample of this dry shampoo paste in my Birchbox that I absolutely love and I always have it on me for anytime I need a hair refresh. Another great option is a dry shampoo powder. This one works really well and also has UV protection so it will protect your hair and scalp if you’re out in the sun. Win win!

5. Snacks

Anyone who knows me knows I rarely leave my apartment without having some snacks on me. I am a big snacker and especially when I travel I like to be prepared. No one wants to get roped into paying too much for mediocre airport food! I try to bring snacks that are healthy and high in protein, to try to keep the body fueled up on tiring travel days. Granola bars are a perfect, convenient travel food but a lot of granola bars out there are packed with sugar and are not as healthy as they seem. That’s why my favorite are lara bars because they only use 2-4 ingredients and never have added sugar. Some of my favorite flavors are chocolate chip cookie dough and peanut butter cookie. I also love trail mix and my favorite ones are from Trader Joe’s. I seriously think I’ve tried them all, they’re all soo good!

6. A Good Book

I’ll be honest, I should really read more than I do. I absolutely love reading, but when I come home from work I usually choose to go on the computer or watch TV…I’ll admit it, I usually choose the screen. So when I travel it’s the perfect excuse to fit in some reading time. Some books I’ve read recently that I’ve absolutely loved and are perfect for travel are Truly Madly Guilty, by Liane Moriarty (author of Big Little Lies, another amazing book) and Beautiful ruins by Jess Walter. These books are easy to read and will get you hooked right away so they’re perfect to bring on your travels!

7. Portable Charger

So I know airports and planes have outlets, but I swear they’re always being used or if I happen to find a free one it doesn’t work! Plus I don’t want to be that person leaning over strangers on the plane to try and charge my phone. That’s why I always carry a portable charger when I travel. It’s also nice to have on your vacation to carry around as you have long days out exploring wherever you’re going. I got this oneΒ in an accessories bundle when I upgraded my phone and I’m a sucker for the rose gold but any portable charger will do the trick!

8. Headphones

Because there’s nothing better than completely blocking out the noise of the plane engine and immersing yourself in music or an audio book. For planes, noise-cancelling headphones are really necessary but I always find the ones that stick in my ears tend to fall out. That’s why I like these ones because they go above your ear and are more secure. Plus they’re wireless which is a necessity because we have enough cords in our life.

9. Water Bottle

Along with taking care of your skin, it’s also important on planes to hydrate from the inside out. Since I can’t take water through security, I always bring an empty bottle with me and fill it up once I’m at the gate. Who wants to pay for bottled water? Plus, reusable water bottles are the sustainable choice so it’s a win-win. I love s’well bottles because they really do keep your water amazingly cold for a long time and their shape is very sleek and convenient, but if you want to save a little money, this cute option from Target with a similar design will also get the job done.

10. Disposable Toothbrushes

Let’s face it: plane travel can be uncomfortable and can leave you craving your toothbrush and a shower. That’s why I’m all for products that can help you feel fresh as you walk off the plane. It’s nearly impossible brushing your teeth in a plane bathroom with the approximate 2 inches of counter space, but when you take out the toothpaste and the rinsing, it suddenly becomes much easier. That’s why I love wisps! They keep you feeling fresh on your travels.

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