Lemons: The Freshest Print of 2018

First it was pineapples, then it was cactuses (cacti?), but the official print of Summer ’18 looks like lemons! Maybe it goes along with everyone’s obsession with yellow this season, or maybe it’s a sign of Dolce & Gabbana’s far-reach, but whatever it is, lemons have never felt more fresh! (I know…sorry I had to…)

Seriously though, I have jumped fully on board with the trend and am absolutely loving anything with the citrus print. That’s why I knew I had to grab this lemon print dress as soon as I saw it. Whether you’re ready to have lemons all over your clothes or not, there are tons of great ways to incorporate the trend into your wardrobe, so I rounded up some of my favorites below!Lemon Print (1)

1. Jumpsuit 2. Phone Case 3. T-Shirt 4. Top 5. Bag

6. Shorts 7. Scarf 8. Shoes 9. Pillow 10. Ring

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