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Happy Tuesday! It’s especially a happy Tuesday when you have Wednesday off! I’m heading to the beach tomorrow for the first time this summer and I could not be more excited! I absolutely love the beach and could happily lay out in the sun for hours. I’ve never been someone who tans easily, though – in fact I always burn. That’s why I’ve made it a point to be really diligent about my suncare routine and make sure I use products with SPF to protect my skin.

I’ve tested a lot of different products from using subscriptions like Ipsy and Birchbox, and have also tried a lot of products that were recommended by friends and family. So for this post I tried to narrow it down to my absolute favorite products that I keep coming back to time and time again. Everything is linked below if you’re looking for some new sun-protecting products to add to your skincare routine!

Moisturize & Prime:

Before I put any product on my face (even a tinted moisturizer) I always start with a face primer. My favorite primer of all time is the hangover replenishing face primer by Too Faced. Not only does it set your makeup to last all day, but it also has ingredients like coconut water and probiotics to moisturize and revive your skin. I have combination skin and this primer is great because it is super nourishing without feeling greasy.

Face Protection:

After my primer, I put on a tinted moisturizer with SPF. The one I have been using this summer is the Tarte Cosmetics amazonian clay BB tinted moisturizer SPF 20. I love this one because it feels extremely lightweight but has great coverage. I always love when I find a tinted moisturizer that has good enough coverage that I feel like I don’t need to put foundation on top of it, and this one does the trick! It’s also vegan and this brand is known for creating their products with natural ingredients so it’s great for sensitive skin.

If I’m going to be out in the sun for a long time and feel like I need something stronger than SPF 20, I’ll use the Supergoop CC cream with SPF 35. Again, this cream has great coverage so it can replace my foundation, but it doesn’t feel too heavy for a hot day. Since it’s a CC cream, it also has added benefits like long-term anti-aging which is always a plus! Supergoop also makes an invincible setting powder with SPF 45 which is great because it helps me set my tinted moisturizer to last longer, and I can also bring it with me and easily reapply as the day goes on.

Lip Protection:

Has anyone else experienced a sunburn on their lips? It is NOT a pleasant experience! Even if you’ve been fortunate enough to avoid them, the sun can be doing unseen damage to this part of the body so it’s really important to use lip products with SPF too. If I have plans with friends and want to look a little more put-together, I’ll use the sugar lip treatment from fresh with SPF 15. It’s super moisturizing but also provides color like a lipstick. My go-to color is “petal” because it gives a pretty pink color without being over-the-top. If I want a more natural face and don’t want any color on my lips, I’ll use Sun Bum lip balm SPF 30. My favorite scent is coconut – it’s just perfect for the beach!

Hair Protection:

Ok I know this seems a little odd, but I seriously have gotten a sunburn on my scalp before and it is not fun! Now I’m not going to put regular sunscreen on the top of my head, so when I found this brand it seemed like an answer to my problems! Coola makes a range of suncare products (I’ve loved any product I’ve tried from them) but the one that was a real game-changer for me was this scalp & hair mist SPF 30. I finally found a scalp protection that was made specifically for hair so it wouldn’t leave my roots feeling greasy. Such a great addition to my beach bag!

Body Protection:

So I think it goes without saying that you should always be using sunscreen! I’m not super loyal to any brand in this category, but I do tend to prefer creams or foams rather than sprays. I feel like when I use a spray I always end up missing a spot and getting a patchy burn. One product that I tend to gravitate to is this Neutrogena sunscreen. This brand tends to consistently get the job done without feeling too heavy or sticky. Plus this one comes in SPF 100 so it has great protection!

Self Tanners:

So you may be thinking, “It’s great to protect yourself from the sun and all, but I go to the beach because I want to get some color!” Well I hear you, but for me it’s too much of a risk to not protect my skin, so I’ve turned to alternatives like self-tanners. If I just want a subtle, every-day glow, I’ll use this Nivea tanning lotionΒ for fair to medium skin. This one has buildable coverage so I can achieve the level of tan that I want (usually twice a day for 3 days is a good, natural-looking shade for me). I also really love how this lotion smells which is so rare for a self-tanner!

If I want something a little more dramatic and immediate, I’ll use thisΒ Tarte foaming self-tanner.Β This tanner is essentially a much more affordable spray tan. You apply evenly all over your body (it comes with a mit) and then wait two hours to develop an instant, deep tan. After the two hours, you can shower and the color will last a few days. I don’t like to use this product on my face (it feels like a breakout waiting to happen) so I pair it with these Tarte self-tanning face towelettes. Since these are made specifically for the face, they never irritate my skin or cause breakouts, and since it’s the same brand as the body foam I always find that the tan looks really even and consistent overall.

Do you think I missed anything or do you have some favorite sun-protection products I should try? Feel free to reply in the comments with your suggestions!



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