How to Wear White After Labor Day

Even if you don’t know much about fashion, you’ve probably heard of this popular rule: “no white after Labor Day.” Like many old rules and traditions, I think people in today’s world have found ways to adapt and modify this to fit into the way we live today. I mean let’s face it, September in New York can still feel like summertime so there’s no reason I have to pack away my white jeans just yet!

That being said, I think there’s a way to style white jeans to look a little more appropriate for fall for a nice compromise. Here, I incorporated a few fall trends so that I didn’t have to worry about looking wrong for the season.

First, I wore my suede shoes that I’ve been wearing everywhere recently. Seriously, I’ve been wearing these to work, to run errands, and out on dates – they’re super versatile! Next, I chose accessories that incorporated fall colors like a gold belt and a silk scarf with orange and red tones.

Do you think it’s acceptable to keep wearing white jeans after labor day? I’d love to hear your take in the comments!

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