Honest Review of Rent the Runway Unlimited

As a self-proclaimed shopaholic, I’m constantly browsing the Internet looking for new products and the latest trends. As a 24-year-old living in NYC, though, I definitely don’t have the disposable income to spend on all the products I want to buy. When I heard about Rent the Runway Unlimited, I thought it might be the answer to my problems. “I can browse through hundreds of designer items and rent as many as I want? That sounds like a dream!” I thought. After a month of trying it out, I’m here to share my experience with the unlimited rental service and tell you my honest opinion about it. Before I get into the pros and cons, here’s a little info in case you’ve never heard about it:

What is it?

Rent the Runway Unlimited is an online rental service for hundreds of designer items.

How does it work?

If you ever used Netflix before it became a streaming service where you had to actually ship back the DVD’s to get new ones, then it’s a similar model to that. Essentially, you rent 4 pieces at a time. You can keep the pieces as long as you would like, and then once you ship them back and they are received at the RTR warehouse, you can select your next 4 pieces.

How much does it cost?

The membership is typically $159 a month, but right now they’re offering your first month for $99. This price includes free shipping both ways, dry cleaning, and rental insurance. When I tried it out, I did the $99 promotion.

What I liked:

  • It definitely helped me cut back on online shopping. Whenever I felt like browsing the web for clothes to buy, instead I would go to the RTR website and start saving down items that I liked to my “wish list.” (This is where you can keep track of the items you want the rent in the future while you have other items at home.)
  • It was fun renting items that you knew you would never buy because you didn’t necessarily need to wear more than once. For example, the top below I rented for a date night and I loved wearing it to dinner, but I didn’t feel like I really needed to wear it again.
Peterson: Floral Top
  • It was great for adding some excitement to my work wardrobe. Sometimes I feel like I’m rotating the same 10 outfits every two weeks at work, so this was a great way to add some other options into the mix.
Saylor: Blush Sweater Dress
  • It was especially nice in the winter because I could rent more expensive items like jackets and sweaters.
Parker: Blue Ruffle Sweater
KENDALL + KYLIE: Red Plaid Puffer Coat
Slate & Willow: Grey Bell Sleeve Sweater
Hunter: Pink Puffer Coat

PWhat I didn’t like:

  • I would save a lot of items down to my wish list, but when it came time to rent my next 4 items, most of the styles I liked weren’t available in my size. This left my options pretty limited for what I could rent.
  • Sometimes the items would come in differently than they looked in the picture, or they wouldn’t fit right. This was upsetting because then one of my 4 items was essentially wasted for that go-around.
  • Although it helped me cut back on my shopping, it’s still a significant expense for the membership, and I couldn’t justify that at the end of the month I didn’t really have anything to show for that expense. For example, I could spend $160 a month for a membership, or I could take that money and buy 4-5 items that I would actually get to keep and wear over and over again.

All in all, it was a lot of fun to try it out for the month, but unfortunately I didn’t feel like I needed to do it past that (especially since the price increases after the first month). I would say if you have a month coming up where you have a lot of events (weddings, trips, parties, etc.) it could be a good time to try it, and hey, maybe you’ll love it so much you’ll want to keep the membership! I honestly think it is a great service and if I had more disposable income maybe I would try it out again, but for the time being, I would rather spend my clothing budget on things that I can keep. I hope this is helpful! Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below πŸ™‚

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