What to Pack for an All-Inclusive Resort

I just got back from an amazing vacation in Mexico! This was my first time visiting the country and my first time staying at an all-inclusive resort. Since we were only staying for 5 nights, I decided not to check a bag and just bring a carry-on. I was able to fit everything in my carry-on suitcase and backpack, and I had everything I needed for my trip. Below you’ll find my packing list, which I hope is helpful if you’re planning on taking a tropical vacation anytime soon!

I plan on doing a full post linking all my outfits for the trip, but for now here are the overall categories for what I packed

  • Bathing suits and cover-ups
  • Nice dresses for dinner
  • Casual shorts and tanks to wear in between beach & dinner
  • Workout clothes (my resort had Zumba and Yoga classes!)
  • Warm and comfortable lounge clothes (it got a little chilly in our room)
  • Pajamas
  • Denim jacket
  • Comfortable sneakers
  • Beach flip-flops
  • Nicer sandals for dinner
  • I brought a pair of wedges but no one in the resort was wearing heels so you could probably go without these
  • Bags – In addition to my backpack, I also brought my favorite spacious beach bag to throw everything in when I headed down to the pool in the morning, and my go-to summer round straw bag to bring to dinner in the evenings.
  • Jewelry – since I was lounging by the pool the most of the vacation, I didn’t need to bring too much jewelry, but I did bring a few pairs of statement earrings to dress up my dinner looks. I get most of my earrings from Baublebar, but also buy jewelry from ASOS or Zara if I’m looking for something more budget-friendly
  • Hair Accessories – It can get windyyy at the beach and the last thing I wanted to worry about was trying to make my hair look good on vacation! That’s why I packed a few hair ribbons so when I need to throw my hair up in a bun, I can add a ribbon and instantly look more put together. I buy most of mine from ASOS or Urban Outfitters.
  • Sunglasses – in an effort to pack light, I only packed one pair of sunglasses! (and yes I am super proud of that fact). These are the sunnies that I chose as my favorite pair.
  • Hat – did you really go on a tropical vaca if you didn’t bring a straw hat?? I bought this one for $18 and I wore it all week!
  • Nook – I’ve been loving Liane Moriarty books lately! I just finished Nine Perfect Strangers, so for this trip I downloaded The Husband’s Secret and it was soo good!
  • Noise-cancelling headphones – I made sure to pack the cord so I could watch movies on the plane
  • Portable phone charger – this came in soo handy while we were out and about all day so I could make sure my phone was charged to take pictures!
  • Copies of my passport and license – you never know!
  • Umbrella – It actually down-poured on our last day there so I was very happy I packed this!
  • Bugspray wipes – these were great for travel and kept the mosquitoes away
  • Medicine – since we were staying at an all-inclusive and I wasn’t sure how I would feel after lots of food and drinks, I made sure to pack tylenol and pepto bismol. I also packed Emergen-zzz in case I started feeling like I was coming down with anything while I was gone
  • Gum – helps with my ears popping on the plane
  • Pool floats and drink holders – definitely not a necessity but they were really fun!
  • Passport

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