What to Wear When Flying from Cold to Hot Climates

A few weeks ago I ran away from the cold NYC winter and went on a tropical getaway to Mexico! When choosing my travel outfit, I had a few factors to consider:

  • First, I was flying from winter weather to summer weather, so I needed an outfit that could work in both climates.
  • Second, I was only bringing a carry-on suitcase so I didn’t have a lot of extra room for bulky layers.
  • Third, I would be sitting on a plane for over 4 hours so I needed to be comfortable.

Taking all of those factors into consideration, this is the outfit I chose. This black puffer jacket was warm enough to get me to the airport, but was also lightweight enough to roll up easily and stuff in my backpack once we got to the Cancun airport. These leopard pants (under $15!) were a stretchy denim, so they were super comfortable for the long flight. Plus, the animal print felt a little more fun for vacation than regular blue jeans. I wore my go-to comfortable sneakers that go with pretty much anything so that I would be able to wear them on the trip (they came in handy when we took a bike tour into town.) And finally, since I didn’t have room for my straw hat in my suitcase, I just wore it on the plane. It was actually pretty funny how many people on our plane were wearing a hat just like mine! All outfit details are linked below!

Puffer Coat | Leopard Pants | Sneakers | Tank | Belt | Hat

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