Hey everyone and welcome to my blog, I’m so happy to have you here! My name is Julia and I grew up in New Hampshire. Ever since I can remember, I have always loved fashion and putting outfits together. Clothes have always been a way to express myself, and I never feel more confident than when I’m wearing an outfit that I absolutely love.

One week after graduating college, the day after my 22nd birthday, I moved to NYC to pursue my goal of working in the fashion industry. Now, I work as an assistant buyer and I absolutely love it. Working in the business side of fashion has taught me so much about how the industry works, and gives me daily insight into what the trends will be for each coming season. Even with that, though, I still found myself wanting a creative hobby outside of work, so that’s when I decided to start blogging.

Here are my top three goals for this blog:

  • Post my real-life outfits to provide fashion inspiration
  • Share what the top trends will be each season
  • Connect with all of my readers who share my love of fashion and get to know all of you too!

On top of that, I’ll also share my favorite products when it comes to beauty, skincare, hair, and even the products I buy from Trader Joe’s! (I live right next to one so it’s pretty much the only place I food shop). Ultimately, I want you all to get to know me, and I want to get to know you too! So if that sounds good, I hope you’ll follow along to hear my story, and I hope I’ll get to hear your story too.